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Bonjour School Video provides school Marketing Managers with high quality videos to use in all aspects of marketing.

Videos for your website, for Facebook ads, for Instagram, Twitter and everywhere else you need moving video online.

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Day in the Life videos

One of the most valuable assets in your school's marketing today is authenticity. Parents are far more savvy in 2021 than ever before, which means they see through glossy advertising in a heartbeat. Furthermore, they crave the insight to what school life is really like.

Enter 'Day in the Life' videos. Following a student, a group of students, a year group or even a staff member from the start of the day to the end is an effective way to communicate with parents.

Prices are typically £3,495 (+vat)

'Meet the Head' videos

Every parent, whether current or prospective, understands that culture in a school comes from the top down. Which means the message from the Head is always an important ingredient in any school marketing communications. 


Of course, the Head can easily be the voice of the video without even featuring on camera, taking the audience on a journey to present the heritage of the school, the direction of its future and the essence of pupils at its heart. 

Prices are typically £3,495 (+vat)

Eight mini videos for social media

At times you might want to have a series of videos scattered all over your school website. Or maybe to use in various social media channels.

This is where the 'Eight mini videos' option might be perfect for you. A series of shorter videos to promote different aspects of your school in isolation. Videos can be subject-led (such as Sport, Music, Drama), or Year Group (to promote entry points to your school) or even softer values (such as friendships, integrity, pastoral support). You choose.

Prices are typically £3,495 (+vat)

Virtual Open Day videos

No need to explain why virtual open day videos are such a necessity for any school in 2020. Schools typically request between 10-20 separate videos, each around three minutes long.

Of course, that's never set in stone. Some schools request just five, other schools opt for 20+ videos and while some schools prefer videos around 60 seconds others have opted for longer.

It's your school so it's important it's a good fit for your Admissions. Prices are typically £3,495 (+vat)


Something else...

Maybe you have your own idea that doesn't fall into any of the above? That's totally good, we've been there with many schools. Recent projects involve creating a short marketing video for the BSME annual conference (British Schools in the Middle East), Covid-19 reassurance videos to secure future school fees payments, Summer School videos and Teacher Recruitment videos. Essentially, most things are possible 😎

Recent feedback from King's Ely School

Training for school marketing teams

New for 2020: TRAINING for School Marketing Teams

A training course to help you take better photos when you have to do it yourself:

Module 1: What camera to get in your school

Module 2: How to take better photos of the SLT

Module 3: How to get awesome group photos

Module 4: How to shoot speech day

Module 5: How to shoot VIP guest speakers

Module 6: How to update your website photos

Module 7: Get better photos on school trips

Module 8: How to shoot Sports Day

Module 9: How to shoot school productions

Module 10: Using Photoshop for your photos


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What do others say?

"Simon's professional manner with our students really showed through in our amazing collection of photographs and videos. I would highly recommend Bonjour.”


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"The video has gone down so well! It was a huge success at our Open Event and we look forward to rolling it out on our website and social media this week. There's been tears and lovely comments from parents, staff and students. So well done, great job! 😃




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"Simon was very easy to work with and the video shoot required far less planning that I was expecting. We’re very pleased!"



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