Your own school podcast

Thank you for clicking through and visiting this page. It will self-destruct when Half-Term begins so now is the time to take action by watching this video.

 Next steps:

  1. To take advantage of this offer action is required right now. After midnight on Friday 12th February the 50% reduction will be removed.

  2. First, let Simon know you'd like to be a part of this. You can do this by emailing or calling 020 7858 2246.

  3. Then we'll start planning a) when we launch the show (and we work backwards from that date) and b) who will be the first 10 guests. We don't need to scope out all 35 guests (or 52 guests if you're going for the 'every week' option) but knowing who the first 10 will be means we can plan around that.


If you have any questions just let me know. I'm here' to help 🙂